Stockholm kitchen

We popped over to Sweden to make a compact kitchen in this funky apartment. The wall cabinet doors are designed to incorporate the handle, and the drawer fronts and base cabinet doors routed out in the same shape as the drop down 'jigsaw puzzle' pattern as the wall cabinets, then all lacquer sprayed in sage green, inspired by the success of this colour in a previous maple and sage kitchen. Multi-coloured glass tiles create the splashbacks. A PH5 lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulson hangs over the super-eliptical table designed by mathematician, scientist and poet Piet Hein, with some contributions from Arne Jacobsen and Bruno Mathsson, in 1968.

Some of my seascape photographs are hanging in the living room, and Stig Lindberg fabric cushions continue the owner's theme of bright and super stylish accessories. 

victorian terrace: bathroom with a bit of gothic glamour

The house was very unique and the owner gave a great deal of trust over to us when designing the spaces.  He was very open to new ideas and was encouraging in the process. This was opitomised in the bathroom area.

The requirements were simply, that it should be a most relaxed space where time could be spent. Given the space and our clients' tastes, we felt  that a distressed victorian glamour should be applied. 

With this in mind we knocked through a bedroom and a small bathroom to create the space you see below. 

The main features to the bathroom are the bisazza glass mosaic tiles in the shower block,  the bespoke concrete (one-off) top on the vanity unit, the painted, glazed green and gold effect walls, (crafted by Charlotte with lots of tins of paint) the hidden toilet (behind the shower unit) and the lighting that enhances all aspects of it. From uplighters to directional spots, to task lighting to inset low level wall lighting. 

All of the sink and bath tap fixtures were from Vola and wall mounted for a clean look.

The mirrors were used to dramatic effect in the pushing of light and space in different ways.

This room was also featured in Living Etc.