Blaise Enterprises of Buckinghamshire at the Oak. It was amazing to see the craft of cutting up an old Oak that had been set down to the ground for over a year, with ends cut off.  When split open through the sectional slicing of Blaises chainsaw apparatus, the moisture through the Oak was phenomenal. Still supple and pliable.

We had the wood sectioned at 2 and a half inch thicknesses to allow later milling and preparation. Some 2 years at least for processing with some direct intervention of heat for reducing the moisture content further.

There were little by way of shakes and wood borers and as such the timber was in pretty prime condition. In due course this will be be transformed into a mammoth 16 seater table for the owners property.

Whilst this was large industry, the process was incredibly simple - a ladder acting as guide and datum and a chainsaw with safety features and guides that slid along the ladder to achieve an even cut along the length of the Oak.