New arts and crafts: kitchen and living room

Part of complete refurbishment of this beautiful historic five storey property in Oxford's Parktown. Working closely with our client, the brief was to restore and rejuvenate the property, whilst being sensitive to its history and age, taking a gentle approach so as not to lose any of its historical character.

Inspired as 'new' arts and crafts, a bespoke kitchen handmade in solid maple with hand carving and brass detailing, leading to a through living room with relaxed seating and bespoke alcove shelving with carved doors. French doors open on to the gardens, each one with a hand painted mural where the completed picture is revealed when the shutters are closed, of abstracted hellebores in the living room and fennel heads in the kitchen, also used to decorate the illuminated splash backs designed for the project. Lighting is suspended to avoid puncturing the original lathe and plaster ceilings. in the living room, a floor lamp crafted by Ango World is made up of hundreds of natural silk worm cocoons acts as a reading light over a vintage chesterfield daybed upholstered in Marimekko fabric. 

Features: handcrafted kitchen in solid maple by rogue-designs, lighting by Album, Secto and Ango World, furniture by B+B Italia and Hans Wegner.