oxford bar and night club

This sequence of images represents a design and installation of a bar and the various other modules attached to it, i.e. the seating arrangement and the oak framed wine housing unit etc. The bar itself was quite an exciting project in as much as it offered a great deal of scope for creativity. The unit was created from oak and toughened 10mm glass - which had coloured gels attached to it from behind. They were easily replaceable in future for different dynamic colourful styles. Oak strips were laid out over the glass and oak framework and secured in place by using an appropriate adhesive.

The whole of the interior with its grand appearance was stripped back from a dark and restricted old, multiple roomed place and exposed to its fullest. The render was shot blasted off to reveal the brickwork. The metal columns also brought back into being. The lighting itself and the electrical sources were housed in metal conduit (galvanised) and were used as a device for breaking up the handmade red brick walls. This added an extra structural element to the already linear aspect of the bar and the interior.