This was a decking project that we took on through a trusted designer Chameleon Gardens.  The deck was to sit alongside the house with built in steps as part of its structure. 

On the bank near the house stands an extremely large Oak tree and the bank itself, falls away from the tree down to the house. The deck was to be housed in that section. In order to do this we had to mount the deck approximately 3.5ft off the ground. The primary condition of the  ipe deck was to make it appear to be perfectly nested in that space.

The boards were secured down with stainless steel fastenings which resists rotting. Ipe is incredibly resistant to bending and as such the boards proved very difficult to position into place given they were 6 metres long. Each of the tiers was bound in a picture frame, not usually seen in decking configurations, but works superbly well in this situation.Very difficult to install successfully.

ipe deck  with three tiers

ipe deck when wet

ipe deck from above

ipe deck from high up

ipe deck during preparation