Waterloo sun set sky

Charlotte and I were very pleased when Charlotte was commissioned to produce an appropriate image for a client.

It was very difficult to find an appropriate image that didn’t appear contrived, but contributed something quite different and thought provoking to the space.

It was an eerie skyline in late summer that brought about the image. People are glimpsed on the insides of their illuminated spaces, who go about their business while Aerial’s on the exterior that look like watchful hawks or predators sit on the tops of their dwellings.

In context the image is quiet, but the little glints of life through windows, in pockets through the image, makes for quite an intriguing piece. It never surprises and never tires. The kitchen whilst being a busy spot, now has a ‘slow cooker' of a piece.

Location:  Waterloo, London

The image was printed on 3mm Aluminium via Printspace in London at 900mm wide.

Eventually, we will be putting up some of Charlottes work in a separate gallery on the website.

in situ

in situ